It was summer two years ago when Jay Giraud, a serial entrepreneur, decided to take some time off from developing startup companies and spend more time with his motorbike instead. This is the time when he dedicated himself to riding, shopping at sites like and simply enjoying his motorbike. He took his motorbike to many places including Jakarta in Indonesia. It is during this time that he discovered that there are a lot of things that need to be improved such as blind spots and presence of situational awareness because motorbikes does not have the appropriate technology.

When he was at Jakarta, there were motorcycles everywhere and the traffic congestion was unbearable. This is when he found himself at risk many times and therefore Damon Motorcycles was developed. This came from his desire to make a change especially in motorcycle safety. Before developing Damon, Giraud also started which now has a market value of over $200 million within five years. It was his project with Dom Kwong, a co-founder and also the developer of the Recon technology which was eventually bought by Intel for a whooping $145 million. This is when they found out that the annual manufacture of motorcycles reaches 160 millions. They have teamed up with Yamaha motors and now their team has evolved with 14 personnel dedicated to research and development and one is appointed as CFO.

He was born at a place where motorcycle riding is always considered unsafe and this is Giraud’s motivation for developing safer motorcycles. He said that no company has been developed in order to provide solutions to motorcycle-related issues. During his creation of the company, he found out that motorcycle riding is 36 times more dangerous compared to car driving. Statistics show that every day all over the world more than 3,000 people are killed because of motorcycle incidents. These numbers are the reason why he decided to take the issues seriously.

Damon is now using a staged approach in order to create an advance system that could assist the driver while riding without taking the joy of riding itself while at the same time making use of Artificial Intelligence and connectivity. When riding is safer, motorists can focus on other things such as shopping at for their motorcycle gears to ensure they are protected.