Years ago, only men would be interested to peruse the offerings of Aprilia dealers whenever they are in need for an Italian-made motorcycle. It is definitely not the case today because more and more women are choosing the very masculine activity. The fact is the number of women riders has climbed significantly.

In the recent survey made by Motorcycle Industry Council, women represent at least 19% of all riders. A decade ago, there is only 1 woman in 10 riders. MIC believes that if this trend continues, women riders will be representing at least one-fourth of all riders.

The highest number of women riders is represented by the younger generation with 22% from the Generation X and 26% from the Generation Y. The number of older women riders is decreasing but they are being replaced by the younger generation. You see female riders on the roads, on the trails, on the tracks and motorcycle events together with their families and friends.

In the late 80’s, there were serious efforts made to make motorcycles more interesting for women. Manufacturers and distributors launched outreached programs that will introduce motorcycle riding to more people. Most of the marketing programs were female-friendly and portrays women having fun riding the motorcycle.

The survey also revealed that an average female motorcycle owner spends $574 annually on tires, routine repairs, maintenance, replacement parts and accessories and motorcycle modifications compared to male owners that spend only $497. This means that women are more interested in the aftermarket sector.

Women are also the more dominant gender when it comes to car buying decisions. In the US at least one half of car owners are women. If marketing strategies are more female-oriented, it is possible for more women to become attracted to motorcycles. The motorcycle industry needs to attract a new generation of riders to ensure the growth of the industry.

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