Motorcycles are known for being fuel efficient. Even the big Harley Davidson bikes that are notorious for high gas consumption are still more fuel efficient than cars. Kawasaki and Honda motorcycles do much better when it comes to fuel efficiency and commuters consider them as a more effective means of transportation.

Almost every motorcycle dealer in the world makes sure that there is a more affordable motorcycle that is meant to lure people to a more economical mode of transport. There are also new bikes designed for the amateur riders so that companies like Harley Davidson can survive for the next 50 years. Bike manufacturers certainly need the first-time motorcycle riders and millennials because they are the new hope.

In 2010, many bike manufacturers made a major shift because they needed to show something cool to the wealthy, something that is different from the fat fenders and chrome-soaked bikes on the streets. According to Lee Edmunds, the manager of Honda motorcycle marketing, bike manufacturers are realizing that there are more people at the entry-level stage.

Harley Davidson actually led the change. After dominating the US market with its large motorcycles, the number of big-engine bikes that were registered in the US plummeted by almost a half. Harley Davidson has been hosting riding academies since 2000 and it hadto quickly order its engineering team to design a true starter bike.

In 2013, Harley Davidson unveiled the Street 500 that resembles a conventional Harley but has an engine that is not 500cc. It won’t turn any heads in Daytona but it quickly became the standard kit in Harley’s riding schools. It certainly made Harley more relevant to the urban environment.

At about the same time, Kawasaki also launched Ninja 300 that is a more subdued version of Harley’s Street 500. It was definitely cheaper with a price tag of $5,000. For years, motorcycle manufacturers built big bikes because the baby boomer market was large. Nowadays, a new breed bikes like Honda motorcycles are the most promising part of the market. New Honda motorcycles are available with parts and accessories so that you can add some finishing touches to your bike.