Companies, organizations, and businesses need to conform to the continuously changing internet to ensure success, while additionally garnering good online reviews such as those coming from King Kong SEO reviews. However, Google is going to shake things up a bit, or more, due to its latest pronouncement.

For quite some time already, the tech giant Google has been devising on setting mobile indexing as the default for their search engine. Having mobile indexing as its default would entail Google Search prioritizing a website’s mobile content so as to identify the SEO, search ranking and index, through which the likes of King Kong SEO reviews will be affected. This plan dates back to the year 2016, wherein Google made significant modifications to iron out the shift. On March 5, 2020, a statement has been released regarding the mobile indexing default plan which will be implemented on the upcoming September of the same year.

The tech giant initially began with a few minute adjustments and tests prior to having the changes in relation to mobile indexing. The implementation of the initial changes occurred in the year 2019. More than half of Google’s sites were already utilizing mobile indexing first for at least half of their website pages. The percentage as of March 2020 is now at 70% so to speak.

Majority of the sites online are compatible with the latest system, this is according to Google. However, there will be occasional Googlebot crawls to be expected.

What does it mean?

Website operators and owners shall see more Google crawling in the future, as Google shall apply 2 separate crawlers: (1) a crawler for the desktop which analyses the desktop site utilizing Chromium, and (2) a crawler for the mobile part that will help to determine the mobile user agent which uses the site.  Some recommendations were readily given by the tech giant Google for those website owners wanting to brace up for the impending changes to come. Additionally speaking, the Google Search Console is available to be used by website operators in order for them to check out their respective site statuses.