The government of the United Kingdom has a program wherein they will provide a total of £200 million for the testing of manufacturing and logistics sectors. This investment is good news from companies such as Tecdis Network because it will surely boost the economy of the country. The funding will be worth £40 million which is to be used in testing along with 5G testbeds.

Aside from the additional funding, the UK government has also announced that they are going to look into the proposals in order to make the planning process simpler within England. This pertains to the newly announced 5G so that it may be introduced faster and the 4G which is expected to do further expansions.

The 5G testbeds and trials were also funded by the government and these are mainly putting its attention towards broadcasting, healthcare, transport and tourism. According to Jeremy Wright, the digital secretary, the upcoming tranche will be in support of manufacturing and logistics sectors.

The projects will focus on how the 5G network can aid both sectors in order to improve the level of productivity as well as the resulting yield which will ultimately lead to the betterment of the economy of the United Kingdom.

The tests will tackle the different processes used in marketing and will highlight the cut done on freight logistics either through air, sea or road. Bidding for these particular projects will be opened before the end of 2019.

As per Wright, they wanted to ensure that UK has a telecommunications system that will be able to meet the demands of the future under the modernized Industrial Strategy. The technology brought about by 5G was not developed for mobile users alone to experience better connectivity. It is a crucial part of tech which can be utilized in order to impact production and the industrial department’s growth. This is the reason why they are excited to conduct more trials concerning manufacturing and logistics.

According to one of the leading logistics companies in the country, Tecdis Network, everyone should be onboard for faster roll-out of 5G because it will positively impact many industries.