Mansfield plumbing has completed its $10 million expansion in 2013. This expansion has produced about 150 job openings but after almost three years, they are still in need of 60 workers to complete the 150.

Gary Pember, Vice President of Marketing, said that the company hopes to hire 60 able workers before May. He also quickly said that they are hiring not just any 60. They are in need of certain types of people who would be passionate about the business, who could be a part of their team and family, delivering quality products and very hardworking.

Mansfield Plumbing provides on-site training for chosen applicants. The jobs are considered very physical and the needed employees are required to be strong and have high stamina and endurance because they would have to work 12-hours rotational shifts. Bring in the fact that they would also have to work in a high temperature environment.

Vice President of Manufacturing, Paul Stover, said that they need the strength of a linebacker and the hands of an artist.

Because Mansfield Plumbing knows that the work is hard, they compensate employees by paying 40 percent to an outstanding 60 percent higher wages than the average which is about $16.50 an hour. Employees would also get to enjoy golf outings, company events held monthly, holiday and recognition parties.

The manufacturing company has been in the business since 1929 and they wish to keep families in north central Ohio right where they are by providing many job openings. Pember even described Mansfield Plumbing as very family oriented.

Mansfield Plumbing is the leading producer of plumbing fixtures and fitters in the United States. They are considered as the brand of choice for many contractors and homeowners because the products they produce are of the highest quality and design. Consumers would not be burdened with plumbing problems or call for a plumber because the need for emergency plumbers is lessened with their products.

They sell throughout various locations around the world and they are proud to stamp their products with “Made in the USA.” They have a strong commitment to service, quality and value.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply.