As the economic aftershocks of the coronavirus pandemic continue to reverberate through the global economy, logistics and trucking operations are pressured to meet the demands of consumers to deliver essential goods and to provide more cost-effective solutions. Meanwhile, companies like Titan Transline have to contend with a volatile market and a highly uncertain future where demand in some industries skyrockets and plummets in others.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, global demand in the supply chain was rising because of the dramatic growth of the ecommerce sector, growing populations, technological advances, changing consumer and business preferences and improving standards of living. The boom in industrial development resulted to new warehouses, manufacturing facilities, ports, cargo centres, railways and other infrastructures being built to be able to support the growing industry.

The trend is not unique to the United States because other developed countries were experiencing similar growth in ecommerce, and other sectors. Ecommerce in nations like China have continued to develop because consumers have more spending power to buy goods online. The sharp increase in demand is expected to intensify while the world faces the economic fallout of the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an unprecedented volatility to the logistics and transportation industry. During the first few months of 2020, truck volumes increased significantly by nearly 30% while last mile deliveries surged by more than 10 times over. During the second quarter, GDP fell by a historic 32.9%; truck volumes also fell with it. Other modes of transportation like US passenger air travel experienced steeper declines.

Now that businesses are discovering that the nature of the industry is changing, the logistics and transportation industry is again challenged by increase in demand and volatility. Logistics and trucking operations have to be more flexible, efficient and cost effective. Economies across the world depend on supply chains to deliver particularly during the crisis.

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