Good news for the people who’ve got skills for digital content, e-commerce, or digital content, as LinkedIn predicts these will be the most in-demand for 2021.

LinkedIn analysed trends in 15 countries for the latest iteration of their Jobs on the Rise report, noting how most of the roles could be handled remotely, meaning that those who’ve got a handle on digital skills are in a good spot.

The pandemic has been rough for everyone, but, in turn, has led to a spike in demand for healthcare specialists.

In Australia, the healthcare and social assistance sector are the fastest-growing in the country, with more than 1.5mn employments.

Like with many other countries, it’s not just physical healthcare specialists that have seen greater demand. The stress of living through the pandemic and lockdown has resulted in the need for mental healthcare providers being greater than ever.

The employment network also noted the massive increase in the e-commerce sector.

In the UK alone, the e-commerce sector saw a 143% increase in job openings, thanks to the number of people shopping online doubling. The lockdown also led to new platforms like podcasts getting a boost, with listenership hitting 15mn in 2020, which translates to a lot of opportunity for those making digital content.

In other regions, about 70% of Southeast Asia is now online, while the United Arab Emirates saw a 197% growth in digital content freelancer hirings over 2020.

LinkedIn’s top 10 most in-demand jobs all relied heavily on digital capabilities, which is good news for figures like king kong sabri suby, with jobs like software development, digital marketing, and graphic design making the list.