Large and intricately designed penthouses recently hit the market in Leeds. One of the largest and majestic penthouses costing 795,000 pounds with one of the priciest and superb painting and decorating jobs is now open for the public.

The talked about penthouse is located at Simpsons Fold on Dock Street. It covers two floors and its area spans at around 2,200 square feet. It is built with four large bedrooms, a well designed living room, two breathtaking terraces, three bathrooms and two spaces for parking.

The design

The penthouse’s kitchen is built and designed with dark oak and quartz stone. The sophisticated kitchen appliances were carefully and artistically hidden from view by doors, an amazing staircase, bathrooms and flooring built of bamboo and dark wood.

The Managing Director of the seller of the property said in an interview that the penthouse’s design was well thought by its interior designers to have that warm contemporary feel to it and at the same time, the architectural designs invoke a welcoming and offers surprising elements.

The penthouse is strategically located in the heart of Leeds as it is built on the Simpsons Fold which is an iconic building in the city. It would satisfy the long hunt of professionals and business men of a strategic place to live with superb design that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

The Simpsons Fold was a former mill and was revamped into what it is now, a City living space. It has 47 apartments and boasts of five commercial units on its ground floor area. The area where it is located is a popular development space which is located close to the river. It has awesome view and there are various amenities in the area.

The property builders are expecting a lot of interested buyers for the penthouse. The penthouse is only a 10 minute walk from the train station.

The builders

Morgans was established in 1997 becoming one of Leed’s most successful City living property builder. Currently, the expanding business employs 40 skilled professionals specializing in the area of sales, management of property and property rentals. Their offices are located at Dock Street and Headingley.