The study of electrical phenomena dates back to ancient times, when Thomas Edison first invested the electrical powered bulb. He patented his innovation in 1880 and soon after founded the Edison General Electric. This is where the Gold Coast electrician derived its job.

Many other electric companies began sprouting in the United States and in Europe to generate electricity and disseminate it to homes and businesses. Kerosene lamps and gas light fixtures were abolished as the electric networks began to grow.

The rapid growth also created a demand for a new profession – the electrician. Even up till this day, an electrician’s job can be dangerous and quite risky. In the early years, there wasn’t many safety features, that is why fires and electrocution were common. However, today’s electricians, electrical engineers and lineman are fully trained to offer the safest possible service.

A Gold Coast electrician is trained to recognize various elements, which involve an updated version of the National Electric Code and knowing what electrical wire colour codes mean. However, they still need continuing education and training, which make them classified in different ways:

  • Residential electricians upgrade, install and maintain electrical equipment in houses and apartments. They can also set-up outdoor landscape lightings. Their line of work covers everything from overall home re-wirings to breaker box upgrades to outlet improvements.


  • Commercial electricianswork on mechanical electrical systems, commercial buildings, and on construction sites. Most of them perform installation jobs, which can include electronic key systems, commercial security systems and water heaters.


  • Journeymen electricians work with communications in both residences and commercial buildings, security systems, power supplies, lighting installation and mechanical connections. Journeymen electricians have finished many years of training and have obtained a suitable license in their state. They are certified to work in different electrician contracting jobs and can oversee helpers and apprentices. A journeyman electrician can also do overhead lines.


  • Master electricians are accomplished electricians who work generally as supervisors or probably own a contracting business. Many states require seven years of experience as an electrician or a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering for certification as a master electrician. This Gold Coast electrician will have to oversee the whole operation of what his electricians are doing.