Kiosk installation companies are leaving their services unutilised when they only work with kiosks. Though the service company is established and has had experience with installing, maintaining, upgrading, and repairing kiosks while also providing adjacent and relevant products, the profit earned from it is simply not the best they can do.


There are the main reasons why kiosk installation companies should complement their services, and why that supplement should be store fixtures services.


  • The Industry for Retail Fixtures is Expanding and Profitable

Even as the retail industry is having its own troubles, it does not equate stores in the market to invest on fixtures. In fact, what’s happening is the opposite – Macy’s and other stores like it are spending millions to maximise and develop their retail shop experience. This would mean they’d need more kiosks, just as well as store fixtures. For the past five years, kiosk installation companies that offer retail store fixture deals in the industry has grown by 5.5%, bound for a $5 billion revenue in 2018. Within these five years, employees have increased by 1.4%, and other businesses have waned by -0.6%, as stated by IBISWorld, one of the leading research firms on markets. This equates to less competition and additional revenue for retailers, and a great opportunity for store fixture companies.


  • More Projects Awarded to the Company When Offering a Full Retail Service

There is a good reason why store fixtures should be installed prior to the kiosk installation – without shelves, proper lighting, or places to put displays on, installing a kiosk is near impossible. Then, when a kiosk installation company also offers to do store fixture services, it can more likely advertise itself as an overall solution to any retail service. This will save prospective clients effort, time, and money by employing one service to care for the entirety of the store.


  • Kiosk Installation and Store Fixture Service Use the Same Hardware And Clients

Kiosks and store fixtures often need the same thing – lighting, end-caps, and shelving. With this, they will need the same tools, they will appeal to the same clients, and they will be able to capitalize on the existing knowledge about a store’s fixtures when managing the kiosk instalment.


  • A Low-Risk Expansion

The industry for offering fixture services serve the same clients, and thus extending over to it will require less of an adjustment while keeping the same connections and capitalizing the same knowledge.