What does a homemaker love more than spending time in a beautifully crafted and personalised home? Than lovely walls and picturesque sunlight through the windows, than alluring floors for a scenic living area?


Sifting through the variety of stone floor tiles available at Amber tiles is an easy way to personally choose from various materials and styles that will fit the aesthetic of your dream house. This way, you can get fully acquainted with a wide array of choices available to match a visually aesthetic interior design.


The rewarding look to be gained from interior stone floor tiles goes beyond its appeal to the eyes. Even civilizations of old have found them to be idyllic building materials, as evidenced by its repeated use in their dwellings and structures, both of which promoting not only its durability, but the way they still manage to look pretty.


While on the hunt for materials to use as floor tiles, keep in mind that stones have their own, slightly different, visual properties that can be fully utilised. After all, when using natural materials for interior stone floor tiles, every surface is bound to be unique.


  • Granite is not limited to counter tops to combat nasty kitchen acids, but can also be used for flooring, as it is greatly resistant to heat and hard enough to not be easily scratched.


  • Marble is a popular choice for most interior flooring as it has distinctively beautiful streaks, but be aware that it is less resistant to acids due to being more porous.


  • Travertine is a rustic alternative to the more traditional look of granite and marble, but in comparison, it is more vulnerable to staining than the previous two.


  • Limestone material is a good option for living rooms, foyers, and bathrooms, but is a poor choice for kitchen flooring due to liable staining.


  • Slate, which may be more suited for outdoor use, may also be moved to the interior, such as entryways or kitchens, in order to make these areas less of a hazard for slipping due to water and liquid.


These may be a lot to take in, as each material have ample applications depending on the function the interior stone floor tiles will be dedicated to. Luckily,Amber tiles features all these materials and more!