Modernization has greatly influenced the evolution of motorcycles. They now come in amazing and exciting models with sophisticated features. The rapid turnover of motorcycle models with modern mechanisms has created more interest to the motor enthusiasts. This leads to the increase of motorbike fanatics who are enticed to upgrade their existing motorbikes with the latest models in town.

Today, another fantastic model called the new Vespa is capturing the interest of many riders in the market.This Italian scooter has a meaning of “wasp” or a kind of insect belonging to the Hymenoptera species which is neither a bee nor an ant. The new Vespa is an excellent scooter. It is a fantastic Italian symbol with more than 16 million pieces produced by Piaggio. It has become the talk of the townworldwide and many decades now, multitudes of people are fascinated by its remarkable Italian style and elegance. Many want to own one of these new bikes because it can be equatedto freedom.

Italy is the largest consumer of the newVespa worldwide. The UK comes second in sales in the worldwide market. Piaggio sold some 2,500 units in 1947andover 10,000 units in 1948. There were 20,000 sold in 1949and over 60,000 pieces in 1950. The sales are amazing!

Many Vespa clubs came out all over Europe.In 1952, there were over 50,000 global Vespa club members. Vespa rapidly developed as years went by. It introduced new improvements to the original model leading to the creation of the new Vespa series.

Many Vespa models were introduced in 2018 namely GTS 300, Sprint 150, Primavera 50, SeiGiorni 300, Touring GTS 300, GTS Super 300 Sport, Primavera 150, GTS Super 300, GTS Sprint 50, and Super 300Primavera Touring 150.

Vespa motorbikes were marketed in Europe and North America.Vespa is also produced and manufactured outside Italy in Indonesia, India,Taiwan, Spain, Britain, and Russia.

Vespa has ancient series, recent, and latestmodels which captured the excitement of a lot of people. Its evolutionmakes the motorcycle business more competitive allowing consumers a variety of choices for the best deals.