Dental implant surgery is carried to replace a missing tooth with an artificial one.  The artificial tooth placed on an implant works like an original tooth. Dental implant procedure takes months to complete and it is necessary to have patience to see the results. Dental implant surgery is a combination of several other surgeries so utmost care should be given during the process. You will be restricted to do various activities during this process which you need to follow strictly for getting anticipated results.

When you should go for dental implantation

Dental implant surgery is a process in which a screw is fitted in your jaw in the place of the natural root. The screw or implant is then attached with artificial tooth, which exactly looks and works like your original tooth. Generally people who have one or more missing teeth and are not willing to go for dentures prefer dental implants. Let us now discuss about how do dental implants work and the procedure of the dental implant installation.

Dental implantation Procedure

As dental implant installation procedure is a combination of various other surgeries, we need to consult various specialists before going through this process. The prior preparation for the surgery includes jaw, mouth and face structures analysis, diagnosis of any preexisting oral health conditions and treating them,  Prosthodontist is needed to make the artificial teeth and ENT specialist if you are suffering from a sinusitis or any other related problems. Your diabetic level should be in control and you may be asked to quit smoking and alcohol beverages.

  • Your medical condition will be thoroughly checked in order to know what kind of medicines should be given and avoided. If any other special care is needed or not. Specially if you are suffering from an ENT problem a special care is needed
  • Your jaw x-ray and 3D images are taken in order to analyze the structure of your jaw. Basing on this entire surgery is planned
  • They check whether your jaw is hard or soft. If jaw is soft then you should go through bone grafting
  • After few months, the surgery will take place. First they will open the gum to expose the bones. Later a hole is drilled into the bones and a screw is fixed in those places. This is the time you should be extremely careful as the bone need to grow and fuse with the metal inside.
  • Later an artificial tooth which is exactly looking like the real one is made and fixed. This may take several months or year basing on your bone growth and health conditions.

If you are still in doubt, you can discuss with your orthodontist about how do dental implants work, before you go ahead with the surgery.