It is easy to understand why a digital agency encourages clients to leave a king kong agency review based on their personal experiences with the brand. Most of the time, consumers gather product information, read reviews, compare prices, and check product availability before making a purchase decision.

However, many industries are lagging behind when it comes to digital engagement. A survey found out that most industrial customers are using digital tools for purchases and other activities. More than 40% of planned purchases are made through websites or mobile apps.

A global study revealed that more than 83% of industrial firms were successful at increasing their revenues and market share after a meaningful investment in digital customer engagement. Successful industrial firms have set up eCommerce capability. They also use tools to analyse the customer journey based on their individual needs and behaviours.

A typical customer journey starts from pre-purchase where the customer identifies a need, tries to find a potential solution, and ultimately selects a product or service. Once the customer has decided on a product, he wants to carry out the transaction as effortlessly as possible. Digital tools can be used to cut through the clutter and win the customer at this stage. This is particularly important where ongoing purchases are very likely.

Customer feedback through king kong agency review can be used to enhance every step of the customer journey. Customers usually search for reviews during pre-purchase to make a confident decision. By incorporating a review page on the website, customers will be more inclined to leave feedback.