It is very alarming to hear that between 70 million and 100 million Americans have criminal records that prevents them from having successful lives. Because of the stigma of their criminal records, they find it difficult to find a job, secure housing or get education. Most of these people overlooked the importance of a good criminal lawyer to defend them in court. If you are in need of legal representation, read more on their website.

The Covid19 pandemic has resulted into another recession. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs to support themselves and their families. The US is experiencing some of the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression. Nobody knows how long the pandemic will last so that finding a job is expected to more challenging.

At least 13.3% of Americans are looking for a job but individuals with criminal records are expected to be the last to be called for an interview. Having a record even after being exonerated or completed the sentence often leads to a lifetime of poverty and suffering. Policy makers and legal advocates understand this predicament. Policies are introduced to provide these individuals with a second chance to contribute to their communities.

Several states have taken the lead by way of legislation to reduce the effects of a criminal record. Lawmakers are pushing for a “clean slate” legislations or automatic record-clearing for non-violent crimes. Amidst the current crisis, the “clean slate” legislation will allow millions of people with criminal records to reenter society and participate in the nation’s recovery.

In other countries, the rights of individuals are restored after the completion of their sentence or exoneration. In the US, a criminal record results into a number of collateral consequences that stops a person from moving forward with his life. With the pandemic, jobs are scarce particularly to those who are reentering society.

If you are not yet sold on hiring a criminal defense lawyer, read more on their website and understand the benefits of hiring one. Being accused of a crime can be pretty scary and more so, if the other party is bent on sending you to jail. Your chances of winning the case is greatly improved by hiring a criminal lawyer.