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There are many different crimes committed against businesses and they can be as profitable as trafficking cocaine. In 2017, Columbian authorities found out that criminal gangs are selling undocumented fuel on Columbia’s black market. According to estimates, 400 million gallons of petroleum from Venezuela were smuggled to Columbia. Criminals involved in the black market business stands to profit upwards of a thousand percent.

The illegal petrol trade ended abruptly last month because Venezuela’s oil production was crippled and resulted to power outages that put Venezuela into darkness. According to police in Cucuta, Columbia, the illegal fuel trade disrupted many markets. Thousands of people who were dependent on the black market and informal economy were literally unable to support themselves.

What is even more troubling is the illicit trade created a new war among armed groups who want to be in control over the 2 remaining smuggling markets. One of the markets was exporting basic consumer goods like food, diapers, tires, electronics and medicine to Venezuela while the second market helps Venezuelans escape the country.

Petrol used to be free in Venezuela until the recent shortages. The recent sanctions made by the United States hampered Venezuela’s ability to import fuel to dilute and process its heavy crude oil. Venezuela’s oil production went down fast and the cost of petrol skyrocketed and food prices soon followed.  People who directly sold petrol in the streets were affected including those that were indirectly employed. Demand for petrol increased in the black market so did the size of shipments to coca farms.

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