When people go to Ikea, they might find furniture such as household furniture and high school classroom furniture but what they do not know is that many flock to Ikea for the food alone. In 2018, the furniture giant decided to try serving plant-based foods in their stores in Europe and it was met with anticipation by many consumers. Recently, Ikea revealed that they are bringing vegan menu to Australia.

During a panel event which was organized by Future of Food, Ivana Frost who is the head of the food in Ikea Australia said that they are already planning to bring their plant-based food products to Australia. This includes the most loved hotdogs and even ice cream.

As of writing, the flatpack giant has revealed that their popular meatballs come in a vegetarian version for those who prefer one. In the near future, consumers can expect more choices as they release food products using plant-based protein. The latest alternative will also be available in menu catered for children.

The main goal of Ikea is to make majority of their products using plant-based protein. In line with this plan, they expect that plant-based food will spike by 20 per cent before the end of the financial year in 2022.

Ms. Frost said that Ikea has always been aiming to be a leader when it comes to using sustainable raw materials. With the introduction of the new menu, they are hoping to reflect the needs of the public as international trend in veganism and vegetarianism continues to gain traction.

She revealed that as early as January in 2020, they will be able to serve a few of the items on the new list if not all.

More and more people in Europe are expressing their preference towards food products that are plant-based and those that are considered healthier alternatives. They have responded after finding out that customers do not need bedroom or high school classroom furniture alone but they also wanted more options when it comes to the food they are eating specifically food with plant-based ingredients. While the number is not as high as the European counterpart, it is still worth noting and answering for.