A business that makes it its priority to respond to customer reviews creates a good impression among consumers. However, a business must have a social team that focuses on the reviews received in different platforms. Simply allowing a customer to leave a review on the website can be both rewarding and risky.

It is rewarding if the customer leaves a favourable review; however, it can be risky if the review is a negative one. Facebook and Google are still the leading sources of reviews and it makes sense to use software that will send alerts when the business is mentioned online allowing it to respond immediately.

Never argue with a customer that leaves a negative comment. Address the complaint promptly to show others that you value all kinds of comments even if they are critical to the business. Show the customer that you are correcting the issue that has been reported.

Responses must always be unique, useful, and positive, not a standard copy that has been copy-pasted to address all the reviews. Customers appreciate businesses that listen to their opinions; they usually turn out to become brand ambassadors. It is important for businesses to let their customers know that their opinions and suggestions are always welcome.

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