It is a widely accepted fact that customer reviews are very powerful in influencing purchasing decisions. This is the reason why review platforms have their terms of service in generating reviews. Fake reviews are prohibited and businesses are not allowed to post reviews about their own product or services. Incentivized recommendations are not allowed in encouraging customer reviews.

Businesses that want to encourage customers to leave a review must make a request personally or through the website. There are stickers and widgets provided by some platforms that link back to the business’s profile. These tools can encourage customers to share personal experiences because they are easy to use.

Another option is to add a review request to the confirmation of order screen. The reviews received on the website can be displayed to fully leverage on the benefits they offer. When reviews are highlighted on the site, it reinforces the business’s suitability at the point of sale. This option is very useful to customers who have not done any prior research since they can easily access the review that is displayed on the site.

Another effective approach is to request for reviews through email. Many customers actually expect an email shortly after doing business with a company. However, make sure that the request is concise and clear and includes a call to action.

A digital marketing agency considers King Kong advertising review as one of its many assets. Aside from the useful information found in most reviews, they also enhance the credibility and online reputation of the digital agency.