The industry of organic skin care is booming because social media has given consumers a platform to promote products they use. Consumers who have high levels of education and sophistication help others to be more informed on the definition of natural and organic. The visual nature of social media has greatly benefited bloggers and vloggers in providing consumers with online tutorials on skincare products.

One example is Summer Friday, a brand that was co-founded by Instagram influencers Mariana Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland. They launched a single product called face mask in 2018. No money was invested on marketing. The influencers relied solely on their social media presence. In less than 2 weeks the face mask became a best selling skincare product on The product received thousands of positive reviews and was repeatedly sold out online.

Hewitt and Gores boast of almost one million combined followers. Everything about the skincare product from boxes, packaging, messaging and photography are focused on social media. Their followers are well informed.

The need for information is in part the result of lack of regulation in the US. Australia, Japan and European countries have placed restrictions on thousands of ingredients but the United States has only banned about 11 chemicals used in beauty products. Under the laws of the United States, cosmetic manufacturers are not required to submit safety data. The desire for more product information has greatly benefited smaller natural-based companies.

According to The NPD Group, a market research company, 50% of American women that use skincare products are looking for natural and organic ingredients. In 2018, sales of natural skincare products reached $1.6 billion. This accounts for more than 25% of overall skincare sales. Smaller brands have realized that there is a need for greater transparency and have responded accordingly. Bigger brands are just starting to launch new natural products of their own.

One of the best things about organic skin care product is the harvested ingredients are grown organically without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, GMO organisms or ionizing radiation. The ingredients are as pure and nutritive as the organics grown in backyards. It is ideally perfect for the skin, health and environment.