Bed bugs are types of pests which are hard to eradicate, especially that they multiply in huge numbers. They can be breeding in foamy furniture and mattresses, which can bug you with bites. If you ever have this problem, require help from a pest control in Brisbane to wipe out the infestation.

Depending on the stages of infestation, you can get rid of the bed bugs by using natural methods. If the infiltration has taken hold, then this natural method may not really work. You can also use insecticides offered from retail stores; however, they aren’t so effective. Many times, people will have to resort to a pest control in Brisbane for an expert assistance.

Quick Facts about Eradicating Bed Bugs

  • Bed bug infiltrations have recently become a common problem in Australia
  • The infestations are hard to manage as they can resist pesticides and are not easily visible.
  • To avoid the insect bites while being infested, you can encase box springs and mattresses with impermeable fabrics and have traps at the bases of the bed legs.
  • When you carefully vacuum and clean the mattresses and other foamy furniture after decluttering and disposal, you actually minimise the number of bed bugs and its eggs.
  • Getting rid of the infestation is difficult, hence, you need help from a professional pest control in Brisbane for more efficient and stronger pesticides.


If bed bugs bite humans while on the mattresses, one can find blood spots on the sheet. Symptoms of the bite can include lesions, injury up to 5cm in diameter and intense itching, which happen overnight. The bugs start as eggs and pass through juvenile then into the adult stages. They can grow from 1mm to 5mm in length. You’ll also find dark spotting on the sheets and the piping due to its faeces. Check with a pest control in Brisbane for more facts about the pests.

Stripping the Bed

Remove the beddings and isolate the bed. Remove the linens and keep them in double plastic bags to minimise chances of spreading. Wash it with hot water for around 30 minutes and allow to dry in high temperature. Discard the inner plastic bag when the linen is placed in the washer. Then vacuum the bed to suck the bed bugs and eggs. However, it may not be an efficient way to eradicate the pest.