In the past, organizations involved in healthcare had to maintain different hardware and software regardless of whether these resources are used at full capacity. Organizations that worked with Rend Tech Associates were able to use cloud computing in efficiently processing and delivering data in a collaborative manner and analyze data to gain meaningful information.

As the US and China trade negotiations seem to not make any progress, new tariffs are becoming a challenge to global economic growth. However, there is a silver lining for investors who are worried about the escalation of a trade war. Investors can take advantage of China’s clouding computing boom.

China’s dominance over domestic cloud, internet gaming and ecommerce is no longer newsworthy. However, China has gained significant market share in the Asia-Pacific region which merits a closer look because the recent actions of US regulators limit access to chips and other key components for Chinese companies.

Cloud market share of China in Asia Pacific is like a cake with several layers that alternate between American and Chinese players. Amazon is followed by Alibaba which is followed by Microsoft, followed by Tencent, followed by Google and followed by Sinnet.

While China remains to be a difficult proposition for the world’s largest cloud providers that are based in the United States, Chinese cloud providers are accomplishing huge growth in the local cloud market. While language, culture and business barriers force Chinese companies to focus on their home market, there are companies that are determined to become major players in the world stage.

An investment strategy is to take advantage of China’s growing digital economy. The ticket may be an investment in Shanghai-based GDS Holdings that is the largest provider of data center space for China’s cloud computing, internet gaming and ecommerce giants. GDS does not face extremely high barriers to enter the Chinese market that other foreign providers face.

IT solutions that Rend Tech Associates offer to the healthcare industry include cloud computing for real time and remote access to applications and resources in an easy to use way. Cloud computing has the power to revolutionize the healthcare industry by improving patient experience in the delivery of services.