Google is the source of many of the world’s information, latest news and web pages. For example, an event planner that is required to hire marquee in Melbourne only needs to search through Google and choose among the ranking search results. However, in the midst of running an online platform is the decision to what content it has to algorithmically uplift or suppress.

Google’s plans of substantially expanding its present minimal role in the Chinese market by launching a censored search engine code called Dragonfly has certainly provoked an uproar. Plans were revealed through documents that were leaked through Intercept. It was reported that prototypes and negotiations with the Chinese government will be launched as early as 2019.

This demonstrates that even large companies like Google find it difficult to resist the allure of the Chinese market in spite of terms of entry. Beijing will continue to advance the campaign to remake global internet governance through its own terms.

The idealistic notion of unifying people all over the world and fostering an unimpeded flow of information including the triumph of truth and reason is already under attack from different fronts. Countries that insist on being able to control the internet has to forfeit access to the world’s most innovative online search engine in favour of their own local providers.

Google is not new to the Chinese market because way back in 2000, it already offered a Chinese language version of the search engine. However, the services of Google were repeatedly blocked and filtered. In 2006, service that is based in China was launched but certain websites have to be blocked in return for the license to operate.

It is not hard to understand Google’s interest in the Chinese market because the country is second only to the United States in terms of online spending. Chinese internet use outpaces any other market,

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