One must have funeral service etiquette if they intend to respect the decisions of the deceased’s family who wants to bid farewell for the last time. Funerals are extremely rare events that a bereaved family can experience. They are not only solemn but very sad. That’s why funeral directors in Sydney should know what to provide the bereaved family for their relatives and friends to condole with them.

Arrive Early

Someone condoling a bereaved family must arrive early and pay their respects in a quiet and respectful manner. If you’re new to the family, you need to introduce yourself and tell them how you met the deceased. Sometimes, you may feel apprehensive on what to say to them. In a way, you’re also experiencing some grief over the loss. If needed, feel free to be emotional when expressing yourself.


Good funeral directors in Sydney will provide appropriate seats to accommodate the family and their guests. Be seated in areas where the family and close friends must be seated. If you’re very close to the deceased, then you must occupy these seats for support. If you’re not related to the deceased, occupy the middle or back portions of the church. When talking among yourselves, do it quietly and respectfully.

How to Show Respect

If you arrive late for the funeral, occupy the back seats of the church or funeral home to avoid drawing attention. Your clothing must also be well suited for the occasion. Some funeral directors in Sydney provide water, air conditioning or fans to suit the hot weather. When wearing revealing clothes, ensure you have jackets to cover it and must not be removed during the funeral. If you’re participating in a religious service, follow everyone’s standing and sitting to show some respect for the deceased.

After the Service

Be patient to wait for the family to follow the coffin from the church or funeral home. Guests must follow the bereaved family and close friends in an orderly manner. If you’re following a funeral procession, turn on your headlights to identify you are part of the procession. You may also wish to accommodate those who want to share a ride with you.