If you want to see an eye doctor in Sutherland, you must remember that eye examinations done by them are supported by Medicare if you are a permanent resident of the country. All Australian citizens can enjoy optometric benefits without being provided with private health insurance.

Eye examinations are included in Medicare benefits, except for some tests to check on your visual fitness and the contact lens fitting consultations. To check your visual fitness, it will include driving, flying and being employed by specific entities like the Australian Defence Forces.

The eye doctor in Sutherland can directly ask the government to shoulder the eye expenses on your behalf. Many of them charge directly on behalf of some pensioners, children and those with limited budget. What this implies is having all Australians access to high-quality eyecare without contributing something from their own money.

How to Claim the Medicare

If the eye doctor in Sutherland charges to Medicare for your eye exam, you pay nothing for the service. Medicare will directly pay the doctor 85% of the exam fees and the doctor will accept it as a complete payment.

Sometimes the eye doctor may advise further testing which are qualified for a Medicare rebate. However, the procedure is highly suggested for the best interest of one’s eye health.

If your eye doctor does not charge in bulk, you can claim the Medicare benefits by submitting it just like seeing your doctor. You are required to pay the difference of the account and the Medicare refund for about 15% higher.

The Usage of Medicare Card

To enjoy Medicare benefits, you need to bring your Medicare card and present it to the eye doctor in Sutherland so you can claim for Medicare. The card is sufficient enough to prove you are certified to enjoy Medicare benefits.

Having Referrals

You don’t need referrals just to see an eye doctor. You just have to call your local doctor’s office and arrange for an appointment.

Private Health Insurance

You don’t need private health insurance to receive Medicare benefits for an eye examination done by a certified eye doctor in Sutherland. If covered with private health insurance, you may be eligible to acquire subsidised prescription contact lenses and glasses. Ask a private health officer on what is really covered by Medicare.