Life can be miserable if you experience chronic pain in the joints and muscles. The pain can be treated through appropriate exercises, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medicines, ice and heat. But when these treatments aren’t working, you need acupuncture in Bankstown with a professional to make it work and feel relief.

Over the years, there has been substantial studies about whether acupuncture can work for chronic pain. Researches from a team of international experts say this is proven to find relief for some typical forms of pain. The study was derived from thousands of participants involved in the studies. Some had acupuncture, shammed acupuncture, and there were those who didn’t have acupuncture at all. Overall, the study relieved pain by about 50%. The results were posted in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

What is done with acupuncture in Bankstown is having to insert thin needles into the skin at specific points of the body. The procedure is painless when done by a professional. Once the needles are inserted, it can correct imbalances through the flow of energy in the body. In an article written for the Harvard’s Men Health Watch, acupuncture is proven to relieve pain by affecting the immune system, hormone levels and neurotransmitters.

For new pain, one must not resort immediately to an acupuncture in Bankstown for treatment. The individual suffering such pain must have a clear diagnosis of what has caused the pain, so more serious medical help can be done as immediate treatment. If permitted, he may need to undergo acupuncture.

  • How Often Do You Need Acupuncture? First schedule a weekly treatment until you observe potential benefits. Gradually lengthen the schedule of visits until you’re finally relieved.


  • How Much Does It Cost? Acupuncture treatments done in Bankstown range from $65 to $125 per session. Medicare and private insurance companies never shoulder such expenses, but there are some plans covering the payments for a physician acupuncturist.


  • Who Does the Acupuncture? If you’re here in Bankstown, a trusted and certified acupuncture in Bankstown can do this procedure for you. Just check out trained acupuncturists in the area by reading firsthand reviews and obtaining recommendations from people you know.