If you want a successful Phuket holiday with your kids, plan ahead. You can make your journey hassle-free, so you can completely enjoy the trip. So, before proceeding to a scheduled vacation, ensure you are booked in a 4 star hotel in Phuket, with flight tickets and adequate budget to spend for your holiday.

Before the Trip

  • Ensure you check the flight schedule: Check with your airline about a day or two in advance to ensure departure and return dates haven’t changed. You need to sign up for alerts just in case of last-minute changes.
  • Print your boarding passes ahead: This can be done if you check out your airline website. If this is not possible, use the e-check in kiosks.
  • Explain the security obstacles to your kids: If they are flying for the very first time, you need to inform them about the security screening process. For instance, a dolly may need to let go for security reasons, or they may create jokes about bombs.

At the Airport

  • Have a bag full of entertainment: If you’re travelling with young kids, have them distracted with small toys, games, colouring books, and more. However, you don’t need to rummage your bag. Let your child choose what he likes to play with until he gets distracted. Also, don’t bring toys that make a lot of noise. Travellers may not like the distraction.
  • Take advantage of early boarding: Sometimes, travellers can make early calls for boarding. They may need to stock bags in overhead bins. This will make everyone happier and situated.

Breast Milk and Formula

Some rules apply on how to feed young children with baby food, breast milk or formula during the trip.If you’re bringing in these types of food on your carry-on luggage, let it come in restricted amounts. Mothers flying with their kids may breastfeed through security. Also, security allows mothers to bring in adequate food for their children’s needs during the flight. If you need to mix formula with bottled water, wait till the plane leaves.

Once you reach your destination, proceed to the 4 star hotel in Phuket you’re booked in. You can surely be more relaxed and comfortable while enjoying a great time with your kids.