Honda has spread 6,000 touch-points all over India, which is an astounding increase from the mere 2,700 back in 2014, naming it one of the two major two-wheel manufacturers present in the country.


Zirakpur, Punjab – Honda bike dealers partnered with Scooter India erected its 1,000th dealership, which includes an exclusive authorisation that features services relating to sales, safety, service, and spares (the 4S). Honda aggressively increased its touch-points by 3,300 in a span of 5 years, showing HMSI – the leading manufacturer in India – of a possible rising contender. HMSI currently has 6,000 touch-points in India as well, which Honda’s recent milestone now challenges.


However, Honda’s milestones do not end there. After 18 years of operation, Honda bike dealers reached the sales mark of 60 lahk within the northern area of India. The demand for bikes hiked up to 60,000,000 sales because of continued interest from the country’s state residents in places such as Punjab and Delhi.


Honda’s assertive planning drastically increased the company’s sale numbers, as it claims that during the initial 9 years of operation, which was between the years 2001 and 2010, the 10 lahk customers have been brought in. Only in the succeeding years, within 2010 and 2019, were the remaining 50 lahk customers acquired. Now, the pace with which Honda bike dealers attain 10 lahk sales would be a bit over one year.


The increase in sales for Honda two-wheelers can be credited to the general reception of the Indian population to bikes and the like, which not only helps Honda but other companies within the two-wheeler manufacturing industry as well. The sales of two-wheelers in the past decade jumped from 10 to 19 percent, which may have been caused by an added female workforce, demand for non-gender-specific vehicles, and road construction to aid rural areas and ease travel time.


While HSMI is the leading seller for scooters, Honda bike dealers under the Honda Activa brand have the best-selling two-wheelers.


President and CEO of the company, Minoru Kato, expressed his delight in the 1,000th dealership in India, and acknowledged the 6,000 touch-points in India as a major win.