Staying healthy should be always and forever among our top priorities in life, especially with the ever-changing world that we are living in right now. As the old saying goes, health is wealth. That saying is true because no matter how rich you can be at the moment if you are not conscious about your health, then how are you going to enjoy the fruits of your labour? It’s like you are working extremely hard just to die at some point in time. The good news is, even today’s ever-changing technology is now enabling us human beings to stay healthy, all while we are busy with our trusted little toys called, smartphones. In fact, some of the widely-recognized providers of healthcare services in the world are now relying on a third party healthcare IT company who has been working on numerous health consultancy firms for them to be able to provide the latest healthcare servicesby taking full advantage of the revolutionary technology called, cloud computing.


As of late, the healthcare industry is suddenly experiencing a significant surge of success. According to the annual Internet Trends Report which was prepared and released to the public by long time tech analysist, Mary Meeker, it was pointed out the sudden boom that the healthcare industry is currently enjoying can be attributed to the emergence of big data and, the continuous improvement of the cloud computing technology which can be employed by a healthcare IT company. According to the said report, the presence of big data allotment in cloud computing has been providing better ways for health practitioners to develop new medicines. In addition to this, the introduction of wearable gadgets such as heartbeat watch and portable sugar level monitor- all can be worn like the conventional watches, has been encouraging people to stay fit especially in the long run and those wearables have been greatly appreciated. In fact, in 2016 alone, Meeker’s data showed that a whopping total of 102 million wearables have been shipped globally and that number is 5 times higher than the number that was recorded back in 2014.