If you are looking for a rent property in Phuket, this article will guide you on how to find that perfect property. Either you will be visiting, vacationing or studying there, it is important that you have an idea on how to rent a property in Phuket. Here are some helpful tips:

– The first thing that you should inquire if you are renting is that the property has a building insurance. The insurance should be provided by the landlord since you are only renting. This issue should be clarify before renting anything. The only thing that you should cover is the content of the property. The amount will depend on conditions such as if you are living alone, with your family or sharing the house with others.

– Make sure that the deposit you will be giving your landlord is fully protected. It should be given back to you as soon as you leave the property. Do not agree to rent a place if there is no guarantee that your deposit is secured because you might be a victim to scheming and scams.

– In order for you to get that deposit before leaving the place, make sure that you follow everything that is written in the contract. Any damages on the property or the things inside could mean a deduction to the deposit. Worst case scenario is that the landlord will forfeit it for violating anything in the contract.

– If you rented a place that is semi or not furnished at all, you could save money if you don’t buy new things but get it for free instead. There are online sites where people are posting things they want to let go. They are free since it is a community program and people prefer to give things to someone else rather than just dump them in the trash.

– After you have found a property for rent in Phuket, make sure that you set the rules with your landlord. The payment schedule should be clear. The landlord should know where his limitations are since you are renting the place. Before redecorating or changing anything, you should ask permission from the landlord as a courtesy.