When tourists think of going on vacation in Thailand, they mostly imagine the beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere in famous tourist destinations, and how they would unwind and relax in quiet Koh Tao villas at the end of the day. However, the area has been quite intriguing lately, as yet another man becomes the tenth Westerner to have died with suspicious circumstances. Many people look forward to staying at luxurious Koh Tao villas, but recent incidents have led to the island being dubbed as the “death island.”

What happened?

German tourist Bernd Grotsch, age 47, was found lifeless in his home in the jungle in Mae Haad, Koh Tao. The authorities told his family that he might have been bitten by a snake or died of heart failure, but they are not convinced.

He moved to Koh Tao about twenty years ago after buying two properties and setting up his own motorbike rental business. However, he left the island in 2016 due to frustrations over corruption and the hostility that he sees against foreign business owners in the island

No clear answers

The family explains that until now, they still haven’t received any autopsy report regarding the incident, and says that his body was sent to the same Bangkok hospital that carried out reports on two other similar cases, which involved two British individuals who were murdered in the island four years ago. The family claims that sending the body to the said hospital was against their wishes, and that the hospital has been known to have botched the report regarding the mentioned previous incident.

Christina, Bernd’s cousin, explains that they cannot accept what the authorities have told them, and adds that he was healthy and fit, and didn’t see any reason for him to pass away so unexpectedly. She further states that the family was furious as they were not approved to seek independent forensic examination to find out what exactly happened.

Accusations of Tampering

International experts discredit the DNA testing conducted by the hospital due mostly because of the claims that it was tampered with to link two Burmese workers who were on death row at that time.