With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting businesses across the world, companies have been forced to adapt. As a result, the demand for digital services, like those referenced in many a kingkong com au review, and the people with the skills for those services, has increased.

India, in particular, saw a massive (75%) spike in freelance positions in April 2020, according to the freelancing platform Flexing It. Meanwhile, HR technology firm People Strong predicts that about 30% of workforces in several industries, like IT, startups, and hospitality, will become freelance roles over time.

Flexing It Founder and CEO Chandrika Pasricha reported that their platform saw a huge increase in demand for freelancers and skilled independent consultants, with the most in-demand skills being related to strategy, technology, and marketing, showing how useful skills pertaining to digital technology are in a COVID-19 world.

Large companies in the IT and related sectors, pharmaceuticals, professional services, education, consulting, and others, are now looking at making use of freelance talent, more than ever before, according to people in the industry. The increase of freelancing would cut recurring employee costs since payments to freelancers are project-based, while also allowing for flexible staffing based on the company’s needs, and widen the companies’ pool of employees.

Flexing It also reported an increase in the number of registrations made by professionals on its platform by 84% in March-April, which Pasricha attributes to the loss of work, furloughs, as well as people looking for other income sources.

The freelance skills in demand, according to the industry experts, include business planning, cloud computing, data analytics, data engineering, brand strategy, market research, digital marketing, and others, suggesting the tech skills are still strong for employees, and that things like an online presence and reviews like kingkong com au review will stay relevant even in a COVID-19 world.

Accenture India’s Managing Director for Strategy & Consulting – Talent & Organization, Sunit Sinha, says that gig workers and freelancers help companies respond to the ever-changing needs of the market. They predict that, with the increasing demand for skilled talent and a greater focus on digital methods of employment and work, freelancing and gigs are likely to see an increase in demand in the future.