It is common for most businesses that have experienced burglary to immediately contact Aspley locksmith for a new set of locks and keys to improve security. With the growing number of crimes in big cities, it is important to focus on safety and security and avoid economic losses. It will not hurt to add stronger locks on the doors and windows as cost effective solutions.

However, aside from the security of premises, businesses must also focus their attention on fraud and cybercrimes that take advantage of vulnerabilities in the processing of B2B payments. Businesses are aware that they have to tighten security in their offices and stores but a bigger threat is fraudsters.

According to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) payments methods like gift cards and reload cards were reported to be have been used in 26% of fraudulent crimes. This is a 270% increase since 2015 where fraud reports were only 7%. Cards can easily provide con artists with quick cash because the transaction is irreversible and the fraudster remains anonymous.

Another threat to businesses is the utility scam where fraudsters call businesses and pretend to be from the utility company. They demand payment and threaten the business that power will be cut off. In most cases, the call happens before a major rush for the small business. The fraudsters expect the business owner to panic particularly when threatened that someone will be arriving to cut off power within the next 30 to 40 minutes.

This type of scam plays on human emotions and manipulates a person to act irrationally. Small businesses are often the victims of this crime because they lose significantly if the power is cut off before a weekend business rush. The owner is instructed to buy a loadable prepaid card and give the caller the PIN number. Once done, the money disappears.

While it is true that Aspley locksmith cannot help solve cyber security problems, they can provide affordable security lock upgrades to ensure that the property remains safe and secure. Being proactive with security will ensure that you won’t experience frustrating situations that can inconvenience you in any way.