As a web-based information provider, Google seems determined not to be overtaken by Facebook in terms of functionality and user – friendly features ranging from people searches to allowing news links and business marketing-related services.

Patrons of specific businesses, would now find it easy to follow and get relevant updates on their favorite businesses and outlets. Thanks to Google’s newest “follow” feature.

With a maximum of 300 words, the update would come from Google My Business.The updates, ranging from events to special offers for customers will be found in a tab marked “For You”.

To start availing the feature, one needs to tap the ‘follow’ button after locating a business on Google Map in Android.Short updates on the business being followed will then be readily availablehenceforward.

Earlier, Google came out with business-related posts, which this search engine giant improvedand added to other features, such as Maps, boosting their relevance and functionality.

Google maps is considered the most utilized app for way and location finding on mobile gadgets worldwide, with US-based users aloneestimated at 150 million.On the other hand, Facebook has an estimated 2.38 billion users global wide.

It is notable how a competitive climate can move companies to improve features which will redound to user convenience and satisfaction.In this case, it seems Google is just trying to ensure it will not beoutperformed by the services provided by Facebook.

Facebook is basically a people search engine, but it also carries business pages. Given this fact, Google which is up on its toes to come up to the competition game, has added features, like making posts possible –and thus increasing traffic –in areas where it is already present and good at, and earn the gains.

The “follow” feature by Google is a great complement to Google’s already existent bird’s eye view city map, making map surfing not only informative, but also more interesting.

In a related development, Google has made known that it has also come out with Google Lens, which can now also be freely used.It is a search tool which make use of image recognition technology, and clearly another welcomed augmentation to Google’s bird’s eye view city map.

How does Google Lens work?From Google Search it was gathered that applying “lens” to an object will yield information without necessarily getting into a search box.