The funeral price comparison website,, went and analyzed their data from, and discovered an interesting fact. Not only did a funeral cost more from a funeral home in Sydney, but that the country’s capital, Canberra, known for being one of the most expensive places to live in the country, was actually the cheapest place in the country to be interred.

The endeavour was lead by the site’s money expert, Bessie Hassan, which lead to them discovering that the cost of the average funeral service in Australia’s capital clocked in at about $6131. This value is, on average, about $1600 ($1633) cheaper than holding one in Perth, which had the highest average at $7764.

Talking to a funeral home in Sydney needs quite the steep budget, with the city clocking in after Perth with an average of $7621, followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. Oddly, data was unavailable for Darwin.

Overall, Canberra had some of the lowest prices when it came to properly disposing of the dearly deceased, with burial services in the capital clocking in at the average of $6399, with Sydney, the most expensive city for burials, clocking in at $8225. Cremations in the capital city costs an average of $6000, the cheapest in the country, according to the data.

Perth, WA, was the most expensive city to be cremated in, followed by Melbourne and Sydney, averaging at $7607, $7402 and $7324 respectively.

InvoCare, the funeral service conglomerate representing a number of funeral providers such as White Lady Funeral, and Guardian Funerals, released a statement, saying that prices fluctuate due to individual needs, not due to location. According to them and their spokesperson, the differences in price were due to the cultural and historical idiosyncrasies throughout the states.

Additionally, InvoCare says that the increase to the costs of funerals was due to a number of reasons, including the increases in CPI, as well as due to the nature of funerals themselves, which are quite celebratory and involved.

The spokesperson says that families are now looking for more and more things to be included to funeral services when celebrating the lives of the duly departed, and that these do tend to affect the cost of a funeral.