One of the encouraging projects for a business is an office fitout because it helps encourage employee productivity and performance. However, redesigning and updating the look and feel of an office costs money, time and energy. It is therefore important to hire trusted office fitouts in Sydney that will properly organize the workplace to utilize all the space available in a creative way.

The annual spend of the federal government on office fitouts is almost $400 million. The federal government is the largest office market tenant in the country. More than $2 billion is spent annually on leases, office fitouts and services for 94 departments and agencies. The government will start consultations with the property industry to improve on the $105 million in savings that it was able to make over a 4-year period.

According to David Coleman, Assistant Minister for Finance, substantial progress was achieved with the reduction in property costs. Further opportunities are being sought for to ensure more savings. Consultations with the property industry are expected to ensure that tax dollars are spent as efficiently as possible.

Last year, the federal government awarded fitout contracts to a few head contractors. This is similar to the process of awarding facilities management contracts to just 3 players, JLL, Broad spectrum and Evolve. According to Mr. Coleman, it is important for the largest lessee in the national office market to seek the best deals for the taxpayers.

At the end of the last financial year, there were 596 offices occupying 500 square meters of space. In the four years up to June 2017, the federal government was able to reduce occupied office areas to 2.86 million square meters from 3.15 million square meters. This was part of a plan to reduce leased spaces and increase the density of workplaces that the government occupies.

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