What a beautiful country, it is well known to be a colourful, candid and sweet when it comes to their cultural endowment. During the visitation of different tour in South America, I believe they have an infection beat of rhythm that boosts across the Andes, Argentine tango and the lovely silence of an Ecuadorian cloud forest. Even at the sound of the lovely rhythm, a tang of a good pisco sour will be the best way to enjoy the activities at full. South America is vivacious with sights, salsa, and sounds.

Different festivals in South America

Fiesta de la Santa Tierra, Lake Titicaca, Peru: I remember vividly during my tour in South America, this festival took place in January. The fascinating part is that the population will divide into two, half will move to the mother earth (Temple of Pachamama) and the other at the father earth (Temple of Pachatata)

Rock in Rio, Brazil: seriously, this happens to be one of the best festivals I enjoyed most during my tour in South America. 1985, the tradition started and it has grown steadily to become one of the greatest and biggest music festivals around the world

Rio Carnaval: this usually comes up every 40 days before the commencement of Easter. Rio Carnival is known to be the best biggest carnival in the world. About 2 million travellers have toured in South America just to witness this great carnival.

Septenario Festival, Cuenca, Ecuador: this is an avenue for the celebration of food games and fireworks for each night in the ascertained month. This is the celebration the kids love so much. A lot of parents do come with their kids just to witness these lovely days.

World Tango Championships, Buenos Aires, Argentina: this festival involves free dance lessons it is known as the best world concert. This festival attracts a lot of people to tour in South America just to be able to converge to the city to fight for the crown.


Combination of tour in South America has helped a lot of individuals to witness different kinds of the festival that are well known in the world.