Cleaning is a very important step in the upkeep and maintenance of furniture. Be it a home or an office, every place needs to be cleaned once in a while to maintain the furniture and premises in good condition.  Luckily, there are many cleaning services that provide professional help in cleaning of commercial properties, offices, homes, schools and other multi storied buildings.

Cleaning services have become a huge industry. Some commercial cleaning services in Sydney focus on speciality cleaning like cleaning doors and windows, cleaning glass fronts of buildings or cleaning the furniture and upholstery in offices. Others service commercial properties or residential properties. Some firms operate in laundry and dry cleaning services alone.

The commercial cleaning industry can be categorised into residential cleaning services, commercial property cleaning and maintenance services, speciality cleaning service and laundry & dry cleaning services.

The cleaning services industry is prone to downturns and suffered a big blow during the recession because these services are considered a luxury when the incomes are low and the tidings get tough.  However, the industry has seen an upward swing in revenues from 2015 and the coming 5 years promise to be game changers.  This is due to the decline in unemployment rates and an increase in the rate of construction of commercial buildings.

Green cleaning is a new phenomenon that is taking over the marketplace. The increase in environmental awareness has led to increased demand for green and nontoxic products and processes both in commercial and residential cleaning.

To run successful commercial cleaning services in Sydney three factors are very important:

  • Marketing – Proper marketing of your services plays a very important role in acquiring new customers. The competition is very strong as new players enter the industry because of low entry barriers and less investment.
  • Location -Location plays a very important role. The demand for these services is more in wealthy urban and suburban areas.
  • Reputation – Reputation plays a key role in this industry.  A good job is not noticed but a slight mistake will lead to losing customers.

The new entrants in commercial cleaning services in Sydney must keep all these points in mind and concentrate on building a good reputation with customers by offering good services at affordable prices.