There is high demand for skilled illustrators in the commercial and artistic markets because they are very crucial in the design process. An illustrator is usually a visual artist who can be very creative and passionate in delivering an authentic design. Knowledge of different styles of illustrations and the history of art are the important elements of an illustrator’s toolkit.


Different types of illustrations


  • Anime – It is very likely for an illustrator to have created different illustrations during his career. One example is anime that is typically published in comics and graphic novel forms. Anime can be expressed in either 2D or 3D art with elegant long lines and intricate details. It is very easy to recognize anime through the large expressive eyes, gravity-defying hairstyles, emotive mouths that can be small and demure or large and evocative.
  • Caricature – When the illustration style uses exaggerated physical features on its characters for comical or satirical effect, it is called caricature. The targets of caricatures are often politicians, public figures, and those in authority with the goal of mimicking, mocking, or lampooning the person. Caricatures are mostly used for political satire because of its effectiveness in inviting commentary.
  • Cartoons and comics – These types of illustrations are the product of both the illustrator and the writer. A strip of images is usually accompanied by a dialogue or captions. Some examples of cartoons can be found in the daily commentary of daily publications that are political in nature.
  • Commercial art – This type of illustration is very popular among advertisers. Creatives at an advertising agency come up with a concept for an ad which is presented to a client. After it has been approved, the illustrator will produce the final graphics that will be used in different media like print, television or online. There is little room for creativity because the illustrator has to respond to the demands of the advertiser.


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