UK shoppers are expected to break online shopping records this Christmas season says Experian-IMRG.

Global information service group, Experian, along with IMRG, the UK’s industry association for e-retail, have predicted that UK shoppers and consumers are set to break online shopping records this coming Christmas season.

Experian-IMRG has estimated that a record-breaking 151 million visits to online retail stores is set to happen during ‘Manic Monday’ along with a whopping £676.5 million in expenditure. They have predicted that ‘Manic Monday’ will surpass ‘Cyber Monday’ along with being the busiest day for online pre-Christmas shopping in the United Kingdom.

People are turning to online shopping because it is easier to click and collect than going to the mall. More and more people are finding convenience with online shopping due to the fact that it offers an easier way of method of shopping and more options to choose from. This can also be attributed to the fact that the use of mobile devices and mobile technology are becoming widespread. Estimated figures also include that for ‘Black Friday’ with £555.5 million in online expenditure and a 17% increase on online retail store visits with 124 million. Cyber Monday estimates £649.6 million in expenditure and an increase of 26% with 145 million online visitors.

Black Friday is a US phenomenon but is now also being recognized in the UK along with Cyber Monday and Manic Monday. These dates are predicted to be the busiest time of days for pre-Christmas shopping and preparation. Before this period, online markets advertise their product specials ahead of time to inform the people of what they have to offer. Also, during this time, retailer’s home delivery operations are at its peak. The pressure to deliver the items on time will be greater than ever and they would have to rely on technology to help them make their deadlines.

Due to the rise in popularity of online shopping, a good percentage of malls are expected to fail. Because of this prediction, a lot of malls are trying new ways to entice customers into conventional shopping once again.

The insights and predictions were given by Experian-IMRG and other known industry experts.