The chief adviser of the Aerotropolis project within the EEC, John D. Kasarda, said that in order for Thailand to reap the whole benefits provided by the Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC, it must be willing to change its existing education system as a whole. The decision to overhaul is not easy nor can it be done faster because it might take the government 20 years. At the end, it will guarantee that the best schools in Bangkok will be ready to produce outstanding individuals that will be responsible for the tech era of the nation.

The aerotropolis is designed to become an airport smart city which will work with high-tech industries in order to develop high-value products that are going to be exported all over the world through the help of seamless transport connections.

Kasarda explained that the model is intended to take on a huge role in the export industry of Thailand as well as its economy for the coming five years which is expected to be the same time frame to finish big infrastructure projects.

Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone in China also hired Kasarda as their adviser and he is also responsible for a number of aerotropolis cities located all over Asia as well as Europe. He explained that an aerotropolis city is a city built around an airport which will aid in ease of delivering products as well as people coming from the EEC to any part of the globe. Between the 10 to 20 kilometresradius which is surrounding the airport, financial institutions and industrial centres are going to be constructed. Rail systems along with deep-sea ports are going to connect the supply chains as well as the logistics companies.

According to Kasarda, the biggest challenge for the country would be human resource. There are a number of investors coming from China and Japan that are questioning the workforce. They wanted to make sure that the labourforcewill be able to serve their businesses. These investors know that it would be hard to overhaul the entire education system overnight. The plan is to create a smart education city close to the EEC with the cooperation of the best schools in Bangkok in order to have graduates that are skilled with the industry’s demands.