On his first day on office as newly appointed education minister, Nataphol Teeosuwan promised to narrow down the gap between schools in Bangkok and rural areas, so that students will be better skilled for the 21st century. Mr. Nataphol also wants to address several key issues in education.

The first urgent issue is the great difference between students from elite schools and those in underprivileged schools. The difference can be seen through their academic performance. Inequality is a big problem in Thailand’s educational system. Schools in the rural areas struggle with problems that include lack of funding and resources, lack of qualified and experienced teachers and lack of books and modern educational technologies.

Aside from ensuring that quality education will be enjoyed by all students, Mr. Nataphol also wants to address the quality of 400,000 teachers across the nation and their working conditions. Teachers are very important for student’s success so that it is important to ensure that they have all the necessary resources. Teacher’s burden can be eased if unnecessary workload is reduced. One of the problems of teachers is debt which must be addressed.

The 3rd issue that Mr. Nataphol wants to urgently address is how to equip Thai students with the necessary skills and competence for the 21st century. They have to be successful and competitive in a rapidly globalizing world. The Ministry of Education wants to make coding classes compulsory from kindergarten level up to elementary.

Students will be mandated to study coding during their entire educational experience but they have to start with just a few schools for the beginning phase. Not all schools are prepared to integrate the subject in their classrooms. Another priority is to promote informal and vocation education to improve the poor image of Thailand’s technical schools among the youth.

The best of international learning is offered by schools in Bangkok to prepare students for a globalized world. Students and parents can expect outstanding facilities including a professional theatre, swimming pool, athlete field, football pitches and covered basketball courts. Highly experienced and qualified teachers are committed to help students make new discoveries across different disciplines.