According to the estimates of Kasikorn Research Center, Thailand’s domestic tourism will grow by 7% to 8% this year and will circulate THB930 to THB938 billion in tourism-related revenues for rural areas. According to a bank’s think-tank unit Thais that are travelling within the country will help to spread revenue from major towns and cities towards rural areas.

For 2017, domestic tourism has more room for growth; however, there are no clear signs that incentive measures will be provided to promote tourist visits in the country. What will drive domestic tourism forward will be the intense competition among tourism operators, hotels and airlines. Another option to stimulate local tourism includes the marketing plans of the industry associations and the use of social media by the private sector.

Advertising strategies and organized tourism marketing campaigns are the key options to persuade more and more people to book. These people usually see the tourism destinations through online searches. Awareness is enhanced when tourist-related activities and events are posted online.

New tourism products and activities must be offered to match the requirements of tourists, their lifestyles and behavior. New trends must be introduced to attract more domestic tourists like trips to watch the Thai football league matches, participation in marathons or local festivals.

Low cost airlines are also driving the growth of domestic tourism by introducing routes between provinces, leaving out the Bangkok connection and the most recent introduction of the ferry service between Pattaya and Hua Hin. Travel has become more convenient for domestic tourists and they can explore the country without visiting Bangkok.

According to estimates, this year Thai travelers will make 158.2 to 159.7 million visits, up by 6.2% to 7.2% compared to the 7.3% growth rate last year. In 2016, domestic tourism circulated TBH869 billion and generated at least 149 million trips.

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