According to the Department of Environmental Conservation of New York, they have already released the final disclosure policy regarding cleaning products. It will not impact Sydney commercial cleaning products manufactured because the policy covers only manufacturers within the state of New York. Based on the published policy, manufacturers will be able to find out all the information requirements.

Manufacturers are mandated to follow the disclosure policy which means they have to post specific details regarding their products and every ingredient used to manufacture them. The information should be available on the company’s website.

The policy is formally called Household Cleansing Product Information Disclosure Programme. This took effect a year after the state of New York declared that it is going to required cleaning products manufacturers to disclose the ingredients they are using. These products include detergents and soaps that have surfactant as one of their ingredients.

According to Basil Seggos, the commissioner of DEC, the state will be aware of the chemical hazards thanks to the policy. This way, the public can also be notified with the risks. It greatly concerns countries that have a more lenient environmental law compared to the United States. The policy will also ensure that the public can lower their exposure to hazardous chemicals.

The website of the manufacturer must disclose all the ingredients contained in their products, both non-function and those added with intent. The order should be based on weight. For the ingredients that were intentionally added, their functions should also be indicated to identify if it acts as fragrance, surfactant, preservative or colorant. Non-intentional ingredients, on the other hand, should be classified under non-functional, contaminants or byproducts category.

Manufacturers are also ordered to determine if there are chemicals that should be of concern on their lists. These cover substances that fall under authoritative lists which are also indicated in the policy. With the recent update to the TSCA, nanoscale materials should also be disclosed by manufacturers. These are particles measuring between one and 100 nanometers.

The same policy should also be imposed with Sydney commercial cleaning products to ensure the safety of the public and those working in the commercial cleaning industry.