Traditionally, companies would cut their advertising spend during the recession. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, governments have emerged as the biggest advertising buyers. Governments wanted to promote public health messages.

Whenever consumer behaviour changes, advertising budgets are adjusted accordingly. It makes little sense for marketers to promote products and services on media that has no audience like print advertising. Since digital consumption increased significantly during the pandemic, marketers have prioritized digital marketing.

The online environment is more receptive to direct response campaigns that encourage quick purchases among consumers. Does it imply that digital-first markets are in a better position to withstand the crisis caused by the pandemic? Ad growth was forecasted at 8% pre-pandemic in the United States; now it is forecasted to grow by 8.4% as the country re-opens.

Many elements of human behaviour have changed permanently and products that they want may be different in the future. Data that was previously used by marketers may no longer be useful. Marketers have to rethink their advertising campaigns. With businesses fighting for survival, marketers have to consider new ways of brand-building. TV-style advertising may not be over but the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets will make it less likely for consumers to focus their attention on TV advertisements.

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