Not all electricians are the same. They vary in terms of what they can do and what their specializations are. They are not like the ordinary police officers we see on the street who have two main jobs to do: maintain public order and secure the safety and security of the citizens in the respective jurisdictions. In addition to this, electricians in Wakerley, or in any part of the world have to go through a lot of continuous training and accumulate hours for their OJT before even taking state-controlled examination to get their license. So becoming an electrician is not an easy thing to do.

If you want to become an electrician, it’s good to know the basic types of electricians there are to give you an idea what can you do and what you cannot do. Below are the basic types of electricians in Wakerley or in any part of the world:

  • Residential electricians- These are the ones you call in case you experience electrical problems in your household. They specialize in installing electrical equipment such as lighting and power lines in homes and apartments. They are also the ones in charge of making sure that the electricity in your homes is regularly maintained. In addition to this, experienced residential electricians can help you in installing lighting landscape in outdoor.
  • Commercial electricians- They are mostly found in construction sites and commercial establishments. Their jobs include installation works of water heaters, sophisticated security systems especially in banks and electronic keys which are commonly used in hotels. If business establishments are not sure why their power is flickering, they can call commercial electricians in Wakerley for help. They can also perform troubleshooting to know what causing the problems. They can also upgrade electrical equipment in order to provide better electricity supply and function.
  • Journeymen electricians- These are the type of electricians which specialize in mechanical connections. They also install lightings, security systems for both residential and commercial establishments. They can also work with overhead lines. Most of the time, they can be found in the construction industry also some of them are hired by utility providers and plants.
  • Master electricians- They are considered as the kings and queens of electricians. Most of them have supervisory roles or even own their electrical businesses. Although they can still do the usual stuff such as install, repair, and upgrade and maintain anything that is electric, master electricians manage a staff of electricians whether they are residential or commercial or journeymen types of electricians because of their managerial skills.