The popularity of cremation has led to the increased demand of urns for cremation. Urns are used to store the ashes of a deceased loved one. Considering the fact that the family is already disturbed by the death of a loved family member, choosing an urn is an overwhelming task. Cremation urns are available in different materials. It is essential to choose the right kind of materials that suits the life of the deceased member. Here are some common materials used to make urns for cremation.

  • Ceramic and stone urns

Ceramic and stone urns are traditional urns which are used from ancient times. Ceramic urns are available in many varieties ranging from earthen clay to expensive porcelain. Stone urns are available in different varieties like granite and marble urns. These urns last for generations and are the perfect choice to permanently store the ashes.

  • Glass and crystal urns

Glass and crystal urns are perfect choice for families who intend to place the cremation urns at their homes. These urns are available in myriad colors and shapes. Glass urns are suitable for display in glass made cemetery niche.  These urns are handmade by artisans and are expensive when compared to other options.

  • Metal urns

Cremation urns are made in different metals like copper, brass, stainless steel, pewter etc. The metal urns can withstand elements are ideal for outdoor display.  Metal urns are perfect choice to portray an image of strength.

  • Plastic urns

Plastic urns are lightweight. They are the best choice if you intend to scatter the ashes of your loved one on mountains. These lightweight urns are easy to carry on a trek. The plastic urns can be molded into different shapes and can be finished to look like metal or stone urns. Plastic urns are low cost and durable options to ceramic, stone and metal urns.

  • Wooden urns

Wooden cremation urns are traditional urns used from generations. These urns are crafted using different types of wood such as pine, oak, cherry or bamboo. Wooden urns are available in many styles ranging from intricately carved urns to plain urns to suit the preferences of the family of the deceased. These urns can be crafted for personalization with space for photos and carved initials of the deceased.