Nowadays, it is very rare for consumers to make a purchasing decision without consulting reviews online. A positive review about a brand can easily influence a consumer to visit the website. This means that a business in whatever industry can improve its online presence by using reviews as a part of its branding.

Online reviews are the biggest source of social proof with a clear impact on sales. For example, a company was able to drive 60% higher average order value on their website than its sales channels by ensuring that their website’s product pages are populated by 5-star reviews. Customers are emailed after their purchase to complete a review with a discount coupon in return.

Most shoppers would consult social media platforms like Facebook when deciding what to purchase. Websites have unique ways of indexing content but customers put more value on fresh and relevant content and customer reviews. When ranking web pages, search engines put high value on online customer reviews.

A steady stream of reviews makes the business look trustworthy and credible. However, online users won’t trust a business that gets less then 4-star ratings. A highly positive footprint will help drive more sales. Customers are talking about the business and the conversations easily increase traffic and conversions.

A digital marketing agency has managed to gained a highly positive footprint through the favourable king kong advertising reviews that tell a story about the brand. Clients will be inspired by the success story of the company and will be influenced to use the services to achieve the same success.