It is very obvious that marketing techniques have changed. Customers gain more information about a product or service from online sources like bloggers, customer reviews and influencers instead of watching advertisements on TV. For example, a consumer will read King Kong digital marketing reviews before making an informed decision on a digital agency.

There is general understanding among businesses that reviews are important. Year after year, data has demonstrated the value of positive reviews, consumer behaviour, social validation and more. In fact, Bright Local’s Local Consumer Review Survey revealed that 91% of consumers between the ages 18 to 34 trust online reviews in the same they trust word-of-mouth recommendations.

Poor reviews and lack of reviews are detrimental to professional services. Consumers expect companies in this industry to have a minimum average Google rating of 3.84 across 20 reviews. On a scale of 1 to 10, 7.931 of the respondents made a final decision between two professional companies based on the better reviews online.

Companies can generate reviews on their own or use paid services. Companies on a budget can create their own review system on a budget through cost effective email campaign that will encourage customers to leave reviews.

To get the most reviews from an email campaign, an email template that is highly visible and easy to follow link can be created. It will take customers to the landing page where they can leave their reviews. The format of the email must be appealing or an incentive can be included like a discount code for the next purchase to encourage the customer to leave a review.

There are many third party tools that can be used to generate positive reviews. There are easy-to-use templates and social validation in results that are reasonably priced. The tools are in line with Google’s standards for review generation and email best practices.

Many consumers who appreciate a business leave reviews; however, in King Kong digital marketing reviews, most of the reviews come from present and past employees, which is even better. This means that the employees believe in the digital agency and they want to share their experiences to others to help them make a confident decision.